PWI – Dragon Points Feature Now Live!

November 9, 2010 at 3:31pm


It has been some time since Dragon Quest items were changed to vendor for less coin, and in that time, we've been working on ways to compensate our loyal PWI players for this.

We're pleased to announce that we have now implemented a new system that we think will not only serve as compensation for what we considered an unfair change, but also make the game better in general.


This new system is known as the Dragon Point System.

How does it work?

All Dragon Quest items DQ(31) and above, when vendored at NPCs, will not only give you the standard amount of in-game coins, but also "Dragon Points" on our site. The amount of points given will scale with the level of the DQ item. Once you accumulate enough of these points, you will then be able to redeem them for various in-game items. These items will instantly be sent to your in-game mailbox.  

For now there are 10 possible item rewards, ranging from Mysterious Chips to Wraith Officer's Badges to rare all-class pets, and we will certainly be adding more possible reward items over time!

You can find the Dragon Points page right here:


Note: Please keep in mind that system is in "Working Beta" stage. As such, it may be necessary to tweak the functionality of the system as time passes and tens of thousands of players begin using it.


We are very excited to finally be implementing this new feature for you, and we really hope that you'll all find it to your liking.


Now go forth and redeem!

-PWE Staff


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