PWI Refining Guide

June 8, 2010 at 9:17pm

Refining laid out!


The Basics

Refining equipment is a method of upgrading your equipment without having to replace it. In every major city, The Elder has the ability to 'Refine Equipment' for you. The only required items to refine a piece of equipment are Mirage Celestones. You will need two stones for weapons and one stone for armor. As your equipment is upgraded, it will gain a specific effect depending on the type of equipment.

The higher the upgrade, the more difficult it becomes to refine again. Starting from level 1, your success is not guaranteed. If you fail an upgrade, your item returns to level 0 unless you use a special item.

Refining specific equipment has various effects:

Normal Weapons - Physical Attack Upgrade

Magic Instruments - Magic Attack Upgrade

Physical Attack Rings - Physical Defense Upgrade

Magic Attack Rings - Magic Defense Upgrade

Physical Defense Ornaments - Physical Defense Upgrade

Magic Defense Ornaments - Magic Defense Upgrade

Evasion Improvement Ornaments - Evasion Upgrade

Robes - Maximum HP Increase

Armor - Maximum HP Increase 


Refining Bonuses

The higher the refining level of the equipment, the better the bonus. The improvement is based on the specific effect amplified by the item's current refinement level.

The levels are shown below: 



Refining Items

Mirage Celestones: These are the only items truly needed for refinement, although their usage alone does not guarantee success.

Dragon Orbs: These items are used as auxiliary items for the refine, and must be dragged into the "Special Materials" box to be used. The level of the Dragon Orb corresponds to the highest level refine that it will guarantee 100% success for. For example, a +3 Dragon Orb will guarantee a successful refine up to +3. Note that Dragon Orbs are one-time use items, and will be consumed upon being used for one refine. Incidentally, this is why the Dragon Orb Ocean (+10) is such a sought-after item.

Tienkang Stones: These items greatly increase the chance of a successful refine, though they are not as powerful as Dragon Orbs. They must be placed in the "Special Materials" box to be used.

Tisha Stones: When placed into the "Special Materials"  box, this item will guarantee that an unsuccessful refine will only reduce your item's current refinement level by 1 instead of the usual penalty.

Cheinkun Stones: Though these items are usually more useful in the Nirvana Recasting process, they can also be used in the "Special Materials" box while refining. They have the same effect on refinement as the Tisha Stone.



The Duke Blacke NPC in Archosaur occasionally gives players advice on refining. For example, one of his rumors states that refining when nobody else is around improves refining rates, while another suggests that logging out and restarting your computer also improves the refining rate.

Many of his rumors give advice on specific NPCs to use when attempting to refine to a particular level. Note, however, that the Officer NPCs that Duke Blacke refers to can only be used by players who belong to the faction that controls the territory.

While many players claim that Duke Blacke's rumors are true, initial testing suggests that they are simply rumors. For example, tests using large quantities of Mirage stones that compared refining in Archosaur versus refining in abandoned towns found no significant difference in the refining rates. (Editor's Note - Thanks to Emma from the PWI Wiki for this.)


So now you all hopefully have a fairly good idea of how refining in PWI works. For those of you who want even more in-depth analysis of this aspect of the game, please check these player-made guides:

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PWI Wiki Refining page


Good luck, and happy refining!


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